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All our grading techniques from Yellow to Black belt all in one download.

One download to view forever on an device.

Usually £34.95 but pre-christmas deal only £24.95

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The internet sure has made the world a smaller and somewhat better place for Martial Artists, who want to train with the best but may live to far away to do so.
We are are pleased to bring to this site, official Simon Morrell downloadable training videos for any device.
Some of the content is from the Fight Fortress syllabus, and some is from general Martial Arts skills Simon teaches, but all the content here is suitable for any Combatant, regardless of style or affiliation.
Simply view the free preview and if the video is for you, make a one time purchase to keep the download forever, for any device!
New videos added on a regular basis.

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For the first time ever in one download, every Krav Maga, Kickboxing & Boxing Shadow Fighting combination, plus bonus content, Improved Punching and Advanced Blocking drills.

Sold separately £29.99 but pre-christmas offer only £24.95

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