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Grading under some of the world's best; Geoff Thompson, Peter Consterdine and Alfie Lewis.

Those who first meet Simon are usually very surprised at his history and background. You see today Simon, as one of Wales’ singularly most qualified Martial Artists and Fight Coaches with a library of books to his name, comes across as a confident person, but his childhood and early adult years were an experience far from anything that may have provided this confidence.

Simon was badly bullied, violently assaulted (at one time an attempt on his life was made by a knife wielding thug) and eventually succumbed to terrifying panic attacks that threatened to ruin his life. He fell to agoraphobia and for a long period of time was unable to leave his house.

However he was, quite remarkably able to turn his life around when he found his path in Martial Arts. Today his lists of qualifications are very impressive and include 7th Dan Black Belt,Practical Karate, Krav Maga Defensive Tactics, and Kickboxing plus Senior Instructor with The British Combat Association, Black Belt Krav Maga, Certified Wrestling Coach (B.A.W.A.) He also holds NVQ’s in Conflict Management, Door Supervision and Security.

He has been featured many times in the International Press and has talked about his experiences on National Radio. He is currently working on getting his story made into a feature film ‘From Bullied To Black Belt’.

In November 2012 he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, again in 2014, this time as Top Fighter and for a third time in 2016 at an award ceremony in the Doncaster Dome. Simon is available for Seminars on both Martial Arts and Inspirational Fear Control Talks. He has helped many people overcome adversity and reach their goals.

Simon’s Qualifications;

7th Dan Black Belt Practical Karate, Krav Maga Defensive Tactics & Kickboxing  (The British Combat Association).

Warriors Assemble award winner (overcoming adversity) 2015.

Warriors Assemble Book of the Year award 2016

Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2016

Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2014, Top Fighter.

Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2012.

Senior Instructor, The British Combat Association.

Black Belt Krav Maga Unarmed Combat (I.K.I., awarded in Israel).

U.K. Director of Integrated Combative Concepts (U.S.A.)

Certified Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Coach (B.A.W.A.).

N.V.Q. Level 2 Conflict Management.

Registered Self-Protection Instructor.

National Competitor.

Trained in Close Protection and Surveillance.

Responsible for delivering Self-Protection Training to The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme & Kickboxing to the 5 x 60 Program throughout North Wales.

Simon Morrell's

despite the fear

Simon talks candidly and honestly about his fear and his journey to control it.


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One of Simon’s main goals through his books and Martial Arts is to put a stop to bullying.


What they say about Simon.

Sensei Alfie Lewis, 5 times World Kickboxing Champion; “Simon is a true Martial Artist, he is Samurai.”

The Film Agency for Wales; “Simon’s story is the U.K.’s Rocky Balboa!”


Geoff Thompson, author (Watch My Back) BAFTA winner and film maker; “Simon is a class fighter. His books are honest, inspirational and could prove life saving for anyone wise enough to read them.”

Jonathan E. Kiser, Director of Integrated Combat Concepts (USA); “Simon is a class above the rest. Learn from him.”


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