the samurai loved to write.

Simon and Julie at Waterstones book signings.


Simon has an absolute love of writing and with the real life experiences plus his Martial Arts training, he sure does have a lot to write about.

Here you will find words of hope among seemingly crushing stories of adversity but they all have the same theme in minds; 



As much as it sounds a cliche, Simon truly believes that if he can achieve success, battle seemingly unbeatable demons the you can too, so we will leave the rest to the articles and stories written by Simon and featured here.

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We hope you enjoy his words.



Simon; “This excerpt whilst painful to both write and publish has to be put out there. It is an honest and important part of my story with violence, failure and alcohol abuse that almost caused me to lose the absolute love of my life.

Julie was, quite rightly at her wits end and her ultimatum, whilst devastating was entirely fair. This is part of a chapter from the book.”












When our lovely daughter Luka was born, my wife Julie went through a stage were she worried constantly about her (naturally) and she made me promise nobody would ever hurt her.

I did that by teaching Luka to fight but more importantly teaching her to be confident. Luka today stands as a 3rd Dan Black  Belt, a Kickboxing Champion and a strong woman in her own right. If you knew Luka you would know she is sweet as can be but you wouldn't want to upset her because as well as what I taught her, she has her mother's natural strength. A fearsome combination.








                    Luka, formidable at five                                                          And more so many years later.

However I knew where Julie's worries were born from. As we grew close as youngsters, she broke down one night and told me she had been sexually abused as a young girl (non- family members, Julie's family are solid, lovely people). I was the first person she had ever told about it and slowly she opened up.


And so some years later, when I was asked to write an article on protecting our children, with Julie's help I felt qualified to do so. The article was co-written by the brilliant Grace Cross and published in the Huffington Post USA. You can read the article in full by clicking the button below.


       A TRUE STORY.


We all fall but we shouldn't judge. After all, isn't the thing that counts is how many times we get back up. I've fallen probably more than most and from a very early age. I'm not talking about drink but it played it's part. I'm talking about failing, loosing tempers, causing upset, you know the rest. So here is Rattling in it's glory and more. 

Poison, toxins, parasites. They can all inhabit and invade our body via many mediums and bodies. The two that infected me went hand in hand. Alcohol and the poisoning by another human being; my father.

I was just six years of age when I first got drunk. Admittedly it was accidental but drunk is drunk, no matter how young or old we are.

We were holidaying in Spain my family and I, and as tourist do, we embarked on a donkey safari. Through the forest, over the hills we trekked in the burning sun until we reached the point of a lunch break.

Adults were separated from the children and sat sipping sangria to accompany the local fayre. Us kids were treated to hamburgers and fruit juice except some dumb waiter (pun intended) mixed my drink up and I was introduced to alcohol. Strong alcohol.


The donkey ride home was a blur, but I remember the adults, my own parents included, howling with laughter as I repeatedly fell off the donkey, crashing to the floor and bashing my skinny frame on the hard earth. Some trip huh?

There is a family photo somewhere, of my consequences the next day. The black and white image shows a ghost like child, obviously very ill, nursing his first hangover. My memory seems to recall the adults, still amused, ridiculing me and carrying on the holiday like Jack Shit had happened. Yet someone had the sense to take a photograph, a happy snap. Gotta capture those memories somehow!  


Life moves on, things happen. As I grew, I enjoyed a drink like my friends and buddies. It didn’t feel like poisoning but then again neither did the bullying nor attempts at controlling me that my father seemed to love to put me through.



Finding ourselves, facing our fears, getting our reward whilst owning our weaknesses is a lonely place to go, but it is exactly where we find ourselves if we are on the right path.

I traveled that path to Coventry in the UK at the invite of Geoff Thompson in an effort to find out if I really did have the courage it took.




You have a dream, right? We all do. Well, most of us. Those that don’t wander through life knowing neither glory or failure. So, congratulations if you have a dream. What goes with that dream?

Whatever that dream may be it will have something attached to it. You may want to sing, paint, write, fight, be a TV star. The list goes on, but no matter what that dream the common denominator is said attachment.  And what is that attachment, what is that thing that holds us back, makes us doubt, perhaps makes us self-scorn? Fear. That lovely, horrible, powerful yet beatable word, fear.

My own personal journey was littered with the damn thing. For every goal I aimed for, fear was a wall in the way, but that wall can be smashed, yes indeed. My early years were not good, spent under the domain of violence and violent people.

My first beating took part before I was ten years old and as I progressed through life so did the beatings increase in both volume and intensity. Beaten to blood for wearing the wrong colour coat, lying on the floor getting kicked in the head whilst a potential girlfriend looked on, horrified.