A British Warrior

So work continues on my latest book A British Warrior which combines From Bullied to Black Belt and An Everyday Warrior with a brand new book, My Fear, Your Fear.

The later is a series of short stories reliving my fears and those of others and how we overcame them to succeed in life.

It is my sincere hope that this will inspire those looking to achieve but being held back by doubt to smash their fears and go get what is rightfully theirs.

Someone recently said they couldn’t read From Bullied as it was about violence. Far from it. Of course it contains scenes of violence but it is a story of overcoming, of not giving up and of course it is a love story for without the love of my wife I’d still be sitting in my bedroom staring at the four walls.

We are still looking for a script writer and producer so if you want to be the one to bring the story the Film Agency for Wales called they UK’s Rocky Balboa’ they contact us now at

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