A couple of crazy weeks lie ahead for Simon and the team as we deliver events both at home and away.

On Saturday 13th August we will be at Hurlston hall, Scarisbuck, Omskirk for our ‘Be Your Own Bodyguard’ Third Party Protection seminar which covers the skills needed to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Course director for this is CC Black Belt Jennie Hoskins, so to book contact her direct on 07595 221167.

On Wednesday 17th August we will be travelling to mid Wales to deliver the Work Rage, Dealing With Violence in the Workplace course. This is a private course but we you can book for your own location/organisation or joint host with another group if you prefer.

The event is taken from personal experiences in managing violence and forty one years in Self Protection training and will cover both the physical response to and how to manage people in these situations.

Saturday the 20th August will bring things back to Fight Fortress in St Asaph for our black belt grading. If you are an independent Martial Artists and would like to take your dan grade under Simon (up to and including 6th dan), then feel free to make contact to discuss your options.

All classes (both open and private) are on as usual at our two locations, but look out for two big announcements regarding Fight Fortress very soon. Think ‘prestigious’.

To book any event please contact me, Julie on 07484 331572 and as always, if anyone is struggling with bullying or fear and would like to speak to Simon, again make contact and I can arrange it.

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