Because YOU can.

You cower. You hide. You don’t even want to answer that knock on the door because you know behind it is a beast just waiting to batter you.

You breath, but not very well because fear cause anxiety. Anxiety causes breathlessness.

You avoid. You avoid the school corridor because there they are again. They they are again, the ones wanting misery for you. So you become stealth. Because you have to.

You pray for school to finish, for the merciless to become people of the past. But they don’t, because they smell you. They smell your fear.

The pubs? They hold hope for a while until your act of braveness is overcome by your vulnerability. Words don’t hurt but the humiliation does.

Solace in music is found but it isn’t enough. And so you decide to take back. Hell, you have to right?

Your life, your choice, your fear.

You plod along at your new path, your new search for existence. You plod along until someone notices you. And then another. And then another.

They notice you not to ridicule but to respect. Wow. That’s something you never had before. Respect. Both theirs’ and more importantly your own.

The time flashes by and you are on a stage. The light on you, the spotlights. The pieces being written about you and you are handed belts, awards, critiques. The newspapers know you, the media knows you.

You are no longer spat at.

And all it took was courage,

And YOU have it.

#standuptobullies #standuptofear

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