A word from Simon about the current situation.

"During these difficult times our uncertainty is tough. As Martial Artists we cannot get to our dojos, academies, sports centre or any places of training and we don't know how long that will go on for.

My worry is that if it in the long, long term then Martial Arts will die unless we adapt. We can't allow it to fall from grace forever so we need to move forward.

I've never really been a massive fan of online training or gradings but needs must if we are to survive and so I would like to invite Martial Artists throughout the world to join our Stay At Home Black Belt Program. It is not an easy way to get you Dan grade, it is not a fool proof way of earning your certificate but it is an honest alternative to not being able to get to our dojos.

Here is how it will work. It is open to brown belts and above of all styles. It is generally a year log program but that would depend on your current ability and how much work you put in.

You will take part two in 'live' one to one classes with me (Zoom etc). You will also receive two pre-recorded tutorials per week via email. In return you will be expected to send to me one video a week of you training so I can assess your standard, allowing us to set a date for your big belt test day.

The test will be streamed live to me , not pre-recorded and you will be given a pass/fail decision at that time. My honesty in Martial Arts is without question so you can rest assured you will get a straight and fair answer.

You will receive via post/air mail an official World Fighting Systems Association certificate, signed by me and your actual black belt.

The opportunity is open to all candidates taking first dan to sixth dan. Cost, regardless of dan is either a yearly one off payment of £500 (UK) or twelve monthly payments of £50 (UK).

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain the credentials you deserve despite these terrible times.

If you wish to proceed, please make contact via to complete your plans".

Stay safe everyone.

Simon Morrell, 7th dan black belt, chief instructor WFSA.

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