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Updated: Nov 2


If you are a bouncer, brawler, bodyguard, martial artist or pugilist of any kind and feel you have a story to tell then this is your chance.

Bouncers, Brawlers & Bodyguards will be written by award-winning, bestselling author Simon Morrell and will give you the opportunity to share your experiences.

Each author will get one chapter and a free advert for their gym, business or services. The chapter can be written by yourself or told to Simon over the phone or Zoom and he will do the rest.

A full profile and photograph are included. The martial art can be any style and if need be, names can be changed to save embarrassment to the innocent.

The cost of this opportunity is just £100 per person with the book being published and made available in paperback and Kindle worldwide.

We also include a full marketing service to make sure your story gets the widest audience possible.

Simon and his team recently published a book that went straight into number one on the Amazon bestsellers list and his own books have sold throughout the world.

His first book From Bullied to Black Belt is currently scripted as a feature film.

To see more go to

Please contact us on 0 (+44) 7947 200701 (UK) or email for a callback.

Places are limited to ten stories.

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