British Warrior. A new book by Simon Morrell.

Work on my latest book British Warrior is coming along nicely. It is three books in one. From Bullied to Black Belt and An Everyday Warrior have previously been published a separate book but My Fear, Your Fear is largely unpublished and new work.

Get a sneak preview of the first chapter here.   


Fear does not own us. It does not occupy us, it merely borrows time from us.

I have felt fear all my life and it stopped me. It stopped me in my tracks, derailed me so that I thought I’d never get over it.

 I watched in awe and envy as my heroes achieved all they wanted to achieve, seemingly easy, seemingly flawless. And then I found out the truth and it was this; they all felt fear too. 

To one extreme or another (and I was surprised at how high that extreme was in some of them) they all felt fear. They just hid it well. They didn’t just overcome it, they achieved massively because of it, despite it. Despite their fear.

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