Like many of us I started Martial Arts to overcome bullying and the adversity life seemed to constantly throw at me. Panic attacks, agoraphobia, violent people, and later on answering for my father’s sins as his creditors came looking, some armed with guns, others members of the IRA. Their talk with me was not pleasant. However I overcame and will be showcasing my books at Kaizen this coming Sunday 12th June in Nottingham.

Signed copies of my books will be available, but you will also be able to talk to me about how I can write and publish your book!

Of course you can also speed up that process by contacting me now, discussing your options and having your book (and all sales) placed on our stand, all whilst taking a 20% discount on price!

Email with your telephone number and I’ll call you to see what we can do.

“Simon is Samurai,” Alfie Lewis.

“Inspiring. Simon is class,” Geoff Thompson.

“The UK’s Rocky Balboa story!”, the Film Agency for Wales.

“Morrell is the UK’s answer to America’s haunting bullying problem,” the New York Post.

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