For many years my family ran a factory in our local town, employing up to thirty people at any given time. Inevitably there were upsets, confrontations and situations to be dealt with. As a young boy I saw many a disgruntled ex-employee or spouse of a fired person turn up at the doors of the factory seeking retribution. It was not pretty.

As I got older, my own encounters and fear of confrontation led me to seek out a solution in Martial Arts & Self Defence training and I excelled in it. I then became something of worth to the factory when a situation occurred, and it was not uncommon to hear someone say, “Go and get Simon,” to resolve the matter.

My training was literally first hand and I learnt many skills ‘on the job’ including;

* Verbal Dissuasion * Control & Restraint * Escaping Hostile Situations *

These and many other skills kept people safe from some very angry individuals. Now, as a 7th Dan Black Belt & Registered Senior Self Protection Instructor (B.C.A.) I am offering seminars and workshops to small businesses, corporations and companies who wish to have their principles and staff kept safe.

Remember it is a duty in law not only to consider these risks and their significance, but to prevent and control them and have a clear management plan to do so.

If you would like to book a free, informal consultation to decide if you would like us to attend your premises (or you can attend our academy) then please email and we can make contact. All enquiries are dealt with in confidence.

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