We will shortly be introducing a brand new class to Fight Fortress and would like to invite everybody, regardless of style, club, affiliation or taste in music to take part in.

Fight Not Flight will be an hour long, light sparring class for all disciplines. So everybody can gain experience against difference disciplines, the session will consist of hands only, hands and feet (kickboxing), grappling and then a mix of all, ie boxer v grappler, restricted use of skills etc.

This is a unique opportunity (in this area as far as we know) to take part in something I first took part in training with Geoff Thompson in Coventry many years ago.

The sessions will be light (we all have work in the morning), but trust me, you really learn about yourself when you are restricted to punching but your opponent can use any range/skill and vice versa.

For anyone wanting to compete or simple want to experience a ‘fair go ‘, this is for you.

The classes will be held, initially once a month for an hour.

Anybody who wants to take part, regardless of where you call home, please email or txt/call 07484 331572

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