I hope this post does not come across as self serving, phoney bullshit or an attention seeking blurb. It really isn’t intended that way. But with the world as it is today I think what I am about to say may be important to some off you.

Some time ago I was extremely ill on a holiday in Florida. I certainly didn’t feel especially poorly, just a little tired and under the weather as we made our way back from a day at Disney World. It was hot, we had walked a long way around the park and I guess I felt much the same as the other visitors.

A quick drink in a bar seemed a good idea but again, tiredness made me want to call it an early night. Still no sign of what was to come. Without any warning that I could decipher I was hit with a pain in my back that was worse than any beating I have ever took and found myself blue lighted to the nearest emergency room where things went downhill rapidly.

I had acute pneumonia and was put in intensive care, then an induced coma and eventually life support machine. My lungs were drained but quickly filled up again leaving my loved ones fearing the worse as I went back under the knife.

Fast forward a few days and I was sitting up in bed reading a new book, eating crisps and drinking coke. A nurse walked past my room, nodded hello, did a double take and said “Simon! Is that you? What the hell man!”

He sat with me for a long time, chatting, laughing, sharing stories and he kept repeating how he couldn’t believe how well I looked. Me? I didn’t really feel any different.

So here is my point in these times we humans find ourselves in. The next day one of my doctors came to see me. He too sat and chatted for some time and other than the obvious brilliant treatment they gave me, he put my quick and complete recovery down to one; my training.

“Without it,” he said sighing “you may not have made it.” (Gulp as realisation hit me). We spoke about how I trained, what I did and my commitment to it. “Well it certainly helped save you,” he said, patting me on the shoulder. “Your fitness is a reason you are here.”

So my point? In times when sadly, people are dropping like flies, one of my friends quoted his friend; “It is survival of the fittest.”

I didn’t know about that but I do not know that your fitness will certainly play a part in how your body copes with the demands placed on it at this time. If you are fit then keep fit during and after this period. I’m not talking Marathon Man fit but 15 minutes a days good aerobic and body resistance exercises will be so beneficial to you.

If you aren’t fit, do not train or have any regime at all then get one. Get one and stick to it, two or three times a week.

When this is all over (and it will be) then make staying in shape a part of your life. Join a gym or dojo and make the effort. It takes two weeks to fall into a habit, two to fall out of it so commit to it and you commit to your health. It’s not rocket science and it just may save your life. Trust me on that one.

In finishing this post, I wish you all well. I have enclosed a fitness video that are drills we use at Fight Fortress and that usually can be found on our online academy but I want to share it for with you guys in the hope that you will adopt some of the drills. It isn’t fighting but it is drills that get you fighting fit. Please, please have a look and take advantage of what we want to offer you.

There is no charge for it, this isn’t a hard sell, this is just one human to many, many others.

This thing we have? We can beat it, of course we can. Stay well.

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