Free Training Drills to Keep You Training!

Hi everyone. I’ve put this short video together to share in case there are any drills you might want to use whilst we are in this dreadful situation. Might just give you fresh ideas. There is no sell here, no trophy or link for you to buy anything, hence I’ve removed all commercial points from it.

Al I would ask is this; you may or may not agree with what you see and that’s fair point. As Martial Artist tend to do (some of them anyway) is rubbish their brother/sisters in arms and shout from the hilltops how what they are seeing is all so wrong, so very, very wrong. They then go on to tell us how they would have done it so much better so again here is all I ask;

If you don’t like what you see, scroll down without comment. This is not for my benefit. I’m a big boy now, I can walk to school on my own and even do my own shoelaces so a poor opinion or a bad review don’t really bring tears to my eyes. But it is the negativity such comments present to people in a time when we all need to be positive, to stay strong, together and get through this time together. So please, no negativity nor is there a need for a pat on the back. Just please enjoy what you see and if required, I’ll post more from the archives. Be good to yourselves and to one another.

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