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Absolutely hate to this on herr, I’d like to think I’m better than that but in response to the person who left a shocking review for us on Google.

Leanne Baines Myers came to me as an agoraphobic, traumatised mess of a person.

I gave her all the time and help I possibly could, sometimes giving her time I really could have used elsewhere.

Not only physical training but talking to her, giving the keys to our gym as I knew she felt vulnerable and anxious waiting outside. I gave her books, references for jobs, use of our equipment.

We took her to Black Belt level and made her a Welsh champion.

She trained with us for four years, failed to turn up for two instructors courses which we let slide. Turned up late for her pre black belt test, turned up late for her actually Dan grade, didn’t throw a decent technique in sparring, eventually forcing one of her opponents to stop and say to her “we have turned up for you, you don’t even throw a technique?”

Safe today she failed her test, but even then I sat with her, told her where she went wrong, encouraged her to continue and gave her my best. Her response was to say she didn’t fight back as she didn’t want to hurt anyone.

After silence for three and a half years she now decides to rubbish us, totally unprovoked.

As for the moron using a false name and proclaiming, falsely to be from Abergele, I know exactly who you are and the bullshit review and lies you see spread on Google say more about you then us. You have an awful lot to learn.

Sorry to do this on here but I am sick and tired of the morons doing us down when all we have ever done is try and help people. That offer of help is starting to wear thin.

I’m doing this to protect my business and family. We will remain strong.

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