Kaizen, Film Update & Book Offer.

A great day out yesterday at Kaizen in Nottingham with some brilliant mats, meeting great people and all well worth the drive.

We had an offer on which we have extended in which if you buy both From Bullied to Black Belt and An Everyday Warrior, you get A Dragon on the Door free of charge (paperback only).

To purchased books click here

Books are posted on same day as ordering, or next day if ordered overnight.

Quite a few people either enquired about or suggested our story would make a great film (we agree!). Well I can't say too much except for what ay at Kaizen and that it is heading, we feel, very much in the right direction and more will be posted when appropriate.

Also, I have been asked to appear on another podcast and will also say more once it as been recorded but in the meantime the Kaizen podcast and others can be found here.

Stay tuned!

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