Sadly we live in times when certain members of society hold others in contempt. We read daily of knife crime, muggings, assaults and worse. With the greatest will in the world the police can only arrive after the event, and so it is a bitter pill to swallow but YOU are your first port of call for safety.

We can help with out Personal Protection program. As well as teaching you physical skills, we will also help you develop a strong mindset through a series of awareness drills, all tried and tested by course director Simon Morrell.

The program usually takes place over six, one hour weekly sessions at our academy in North Wales, but we can tailor these to suit your timetable and location, as we do indeed teach throughout the United Kingdom, and internationally if required.

All programs are limited to you, your family and friends, up to the people so it is not a pen public course.

Prices start at £150 for the first person and then £75 for every person after that. These prices are based upon you travelling to us, but please call or email if you would like prices to your location.

+44 (0) 7484 331572 or

Start you program's journey today and book online below. We can arrange dates before or after you have booked.

First person £150.00 use the Buy Now below.

Each additional person £75.00 each, use the Add to Cart below.

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