Krav Maga Instructors Course Day Seven

So we head to Fight Fortress for Krav Maga Instructor Course day seven and a tough day for those attending.

Those who complete the course will either achieve Assistant Instructor status or full BFSA Instructor status depending on current grade, but regardless you can bet they worked for what they may be awarded.

Eight days of intense tuition in Unarmed Combat, Gun/Knife Disarms, Pad Drills, Grappling and more and remember, candidates already have a credible history of training. We do not take novices/beginners on these course and they are aimed at only making the best British Fighting Systems Association instructors.

Upon the closing day tomorrow we will be posting the listings of successful candidates and they will be, without doubt, recommended by us to teach.

If you wish to attend a Krav Maga Instructor Course and become fully qualified then please make contact via this site. You won't be disappointed.

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