Looking After Our Own; Protecting Our Children

This is quite a sensitive issue and you will realise why when you read on, but as I hope you knew, Julie and I are nothing if we are not honest.

When we were younger and our relationship blossomed, Julie broke down one night and told me she had been badly abused as a young girl. It was by a non-family member, just someone she worked for.

We spoke at length about it and later she expressed concerns for our own daughter, Luka (if you know Luka, then you will know good luck with that one).

Later as my writing grew, I was asked to write a piece on protecting our gift, our children. It was for the Huffington Post, USA.

As we now have a new reader/student base, I thought it would be a good time to share it with you if you would like to read it. I've done it by link so the choose is your should you wish to open it.

So, without further ado here is Protecting Our Children

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