We move forward.

New classes start soon at Fitness HQ St Asaph.

If you want to book Simon for a seminar for later this year message me at Julie Morrell

He offers * BE YOUR OWN BODYGUARD * (all ages, physical .)

* GET TO GRIPS WITH GRAPPLING * (all ages, physical.)

* KICKING KNIVES TO TOUCH * (over 14’s, safe physical)

* DESPITE THE FEAR * Overcoming fears to achieve your goals and keeping you safe * (Over 14’s, lecture based, contains strong language’

Simon is a 7th Dan British Combat Association Senior Self Protection Instructor. Black Belt Krav Maga. BAWA Wrestling Coach. Former Geoff Thompson student. National competitor. Full Contact Fighter. 39 years experience in MMA. Award winning author.

As his wife and manager, I have travelled up and down the country watching him fight, compete, wrestle, train and learn so I know he can bring value to your academy or dojo with his unique seminar.

Remember you can find me, Julie at Facebook Julie Morrell or visit and send me a message through there.

International seminars available when travel becomes safe

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