We are delighted to announce three new products to our store, all designed to make your Martial Arts experience with us a great one.

Our Yellow to Black Belt complete download book covers every technique needed to obtain a Fight Fortress Black Belt but it certainly isn’t limited to our own students.

Given the diversity of the syllabus it can be added to any clubs training/grading curriculum as it contains a wide range of techniques.

Every block, kick, punch, pad drill and combination (55 of them) are here. Price £4.50

It is an ideal companion to the video download available at the store.

Our Complete Combatives Volume One covers Hand Skills & Boxing drills again to be added to any good training regime. With training tips, unique drills and tactics to fight it is great value for money at £3.50

Finally, for this week we have added a unique MMA Syllabus Development plan. If your style is primarily striking, then you can use Simon’s 40 years experience to custom build your syllabus and training guide. Once the purchase is made you will get one to one sessions with Simon who will take you through what it takes to develop a 9-belt syllabus, from beginner to black belt. Price £40.00, available worldwide.

All our products are available to order online here

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