Not the Critic

I am very aware that during lock down more and more people are taking to Social Media to promote themselves, their training and their product and all power to them.

From personal experience I want you all, especially friends, colleagues and Fight Fortress students to know that you will eventually meet the naysayers. The ones who will not put themselves out there but love to sit behind their Apple Mac and rubbish what you do.

I have had it and more often than not it is personal, bullshit remarks they make, not at all connected to the technique you are teaching, demonstrating or putting across. I used to take it to heart until I realized I was paying credit to somewhat who mattered not a jot and so they can run along, do what they need to do. Their actions have no bearing on my life whatsoever.

Constructive criticism I can take and welcome it. It helps me grow but the other stuff? Tell it to someone who cares.

So if you are out there doing your thing, I wish you well and leave you with one of my favorite pieces of work. It Is Not The Critic by Theodore Roosevelt. I hope it helps you on your journey.

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