I am probably in danger of overstating my mark here as this isn't what this site is about but if you don’t like what I write then feel free to scroll on or delete me. No hard feelings either way but I think this is an important point and one I’d like to make, Please read until the end.

When I was a kid and teenager, I was subject to abstract misery by bullies and violent thugs. In one incident a local black lad knocked me half out cold by hitting me over the head with a metal bar in an unprovoked attack.

Did this make me hate black people? Not in the slightest. He was no better, no worse than the white pieces of shit that beat me up.

Fast forward years later. We are in Florida with the kids when a group of black youths walked straight in front of our car, more or less demanding we stop. I drove around them but they followed us (we were in a car park) and the surrounded our car. Eight youths versus me, Julie and two kids in a mini van. Words were passed and they move on.

Three hours later we were sitting outside a bar. A black guy dropped some sort of ticket and the wind took it. I stomped my foot on it, picked it up and handed it him back. He was like “ahh brother!” high fiving and having a real laugh with me. I caught sight of a white guy looking at us in disgust and at me like “what the fuck?”

You see my point. It isn’t blacks that’s the problem. It isn’t whites that are the problem. It is PEOPLE that are the problem. Let’s try not to be. Say hello and open doors for other first.

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