The latest Online Tutorial from Simon is available to purchase here

Punching With Spite includes 15 video combinations and a downloadable text document to support the tutorial.

Simon says of Punching With Spite; "Some years ago I fought a guy who I knew to be capable but just didn't know how hard he could hit. He was the only person to ever put me on the floor (in Combat) with a single punch. I had sparred with heavyweight professional boxers as just a nine stone pup, fought champion kickboxers, took on the best Karate had to offer but never had a been hit as hard as this guy hit me.

I had the upmost respect for him, even more so because he was a complete gentleman. Afterward, talking to his instructor I was told that he hit with 'spite.' He just loved to hit hard. It changed the way I trained and | went back to basics, trying to get my hands right and applying that attitude. Punching With Spite.

I like to think it worked but you be the judge and get our latest online creation where I demonstrate just what it takes to hit hard."

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