The first post lockdown belt test will now take place at 6pm on Friday 11th June 2021 at Fight Fortress Headquarters, Paragon Fitness, St Asaph.

This will hopefully be the last of the social distancing gradings with future ones to include all partner work.

Notices to grade will start to be issued from this week on (Wed 12th May). If you do not receive a notice to grade in the first couple of weeks, please do not worry as notices are issued when a student is ready for the test and can be issued as late Thursday 10th June.

Cost of the grading is as follows;

Paid before 4th June; £48.00

Paid after 4th June/before June 10th; £52.00

Remember you can now obtain the full syllabus both digital video download and written PDF only at;

Anybody purchasing the social distance syllabus will receive, free of charge the updated ‘partner applied’ version when it becomes available.

If you are a practising, independent Martial Artist and would like to visit u to grade in your type, under Simon then please make contact with Julie at 07484 331572 or via

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