Respect and look out for each other; George Floyd.

So the scum bag who killed George Floyd worked the doors with him. So much for their brotherhood. Hope he rots in hell but was it racist? I’m not saying yes or no but the other scumbag holding off people filming/trying to help was Asian. So?

Doesn’t make sense. As soon as you attach racism to an incident the playing field rises to a whole different level.

Was it a personal beef? Door related? We will probably never know because you bet your life the scum that murdered this guy will lie through their teeth but if it wasn’t a racist attack then let that be. We are all one, we all live in peace with each other.

Be kind to one another whatever colour, belief, religion or team you support (as long as it’s Liverpool Football Club 🕺). Respect one another and open the doors for others first. ❤️❤️❤️

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