This, That Is All.

This. That is all.

USA 2104. A Scottish (weirdly) paramedic held my hand and soothed me as I was blue lighted to Intensive Care.

This, a Black nurse whose name escapes me hugged me, sat with me also held my hand as I struggled to breath.

This, as I went under I was vaguely aware of many people around me all colours, working hard to keep me alive.

This, a white doctor pushing tubes down my throat.

This, a Puerto Rican security guard keeping me company as I came in and out of consciousness.

This, a Canadian nurse called Chris sitting for hours talking soccer as I struggled with what the hell was going on.

This a beautiful Hispanic lady, the first to greet me upon arrival as I woke up properly (we are friends to this day) and welcomed me home.

This, the first Doctor to check up on me, also Hispanic.

This, the next one, an incredibly funny white nurse, showed me pictures of his jeep with Disney all over it,

This, a booming black man, checking me over (mmm, not sure he worked at the hospital 😳)

And this, doctors and nurses of all colours doing their final checks on me before my release.

There are colors, there should not be hate. We never know who we need to rely on next. Say hello, open the door for the person in front of you.

#alllivesmatter #whatawonderfulworld #begoodtooneanother

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