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I’ve always been fascinated with understanding, controlling and dealing with fear, probably because I had/have an abundance of it, but what I heard last night was both dangerous and laughable at the same time.

I’m not getting into the politics, that isn’t really my thing. Neither am I here to give a social commentary on the rights and wrongs of things, but I watched a documentary last night where an America DJ suggested that if the police in a certain city were afraid when faced with a gun, they are not fit to police that city and should stand down. The suggestion was that they shouldn’t have any fear, that they had no right to it.

What utter nonsense. The exact opposite is true. If you don’t feel fear (in any confrontation) but especially facing a gun, that is the time to step down, as you would rightly be deemed a psychopath and dangerous.

I’ve had to sit and face a gunman (amongst my many other troubles) and the desire to run and hide is almost overwhelming, but not always the right thing to do or even possible. It’s moments like that, that show you if you can control your fear.

If I hadn’t had fear and been a nonchalant arsehole about it, I doubt I would be here to write this today.

Fear is healthy, unpleasant, a necessary, it is unwanted, it is truth and it is what can keep us and others alive.

To not have fear is to not have instincts. To suggest otherwise is a sketch from Sesame Street.


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