As this term ends and summer presents itself life is good, as it should be. And then just around the corner, for lots of teenagers (and adults for that matter) the challenge of university presents itself.

Now the educational part of this is of course, the most important but before you flee the nest to pastures new ask yourself this; are you equipped to deal with your new surroundings and the people in it?

Being away from home can be daunting but we can help ease your mind with certain aspects of your new life.

UNI-SAFE is a unique Self Protection & Personal Security program taught by BCA Registered Senior Instructor Simon Morrell who has 41 years training in Combat Systems and has travelled the country teaching his unique brand. His books have sold world-wide, and his ‘real time’ experience is extensive.

Simon will take students through the physical aspect of Self Protection.

*Power-Strikes * Escapes * Defensive Tactics * Block & Counters *

and the soft skills side of Personal Security.

*Verbal Dissuasion * Fear Control * Awareness Drills * Spotting and Avoiding an Attacker *

The program can be designed to fit in with your schedule with the following options available.

1/ You can opt to take part in one of our open sessions (4 hours) at our full-time academy in St Asaph, North Wales.

2/ You can arrange for Simon to visit your location for a private group session.

3/ You can arrange for a one-to-one session with Simon.

To discuss these options please email for a call back or call Julie on 07484 331572. The programs are available throughout the United Kingdom, with international requests being considered.

Make your journey to university be a safe, fun, and memorable one; get UNI-SAFE.

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