What is inside British Warrior?

Simon’s new book British Warrior contains the award winning true story From Bullied to Black Belt along with the sequel, An Everyday Warrior. Both tell the tales of the incredible adversity Simon overcame to become one of the UK’s leading Fight Coaches.

The adversity has its roots in the bullying and violence Simon endured for a very early age that followed him through life. As a father of three children himself, he still found himself answering for the sins of his own father to hardcore gangsters and members of the IRA, battles which turned him to hard drink.

Overcoming his alcohol abuse was a massive turning point as it produced a natural follow on book in An Everyday Warrior. However British Warrior also contains the newly released collection of short stories, tales and articles that are all either true or have their base in truth (to protect names).

’Are You Calling Me a W**nker?’ Is a beautiful story of the first time Simon saw real bravery whilst ‘Sharp’ is based on a friend of Simon’s who is given the fictional (based on his real personality) role of protecting a vulnerable family member.

Simon also goes on to writer, amongst others, ‘An Apology and Forgivness’, a powerful true story of the first time Simon came face to face with his most frightening nemesis after many years.

Now both adults, they two men quickly realise that are different people to the tormentor and victim of their teenage years and apologies are offered and accepted.

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