You have a story in you!

Updated: Mar 18

You just might not know how to tell it!

We can help with that. Award winning author Simon Morrell is now taking on clients to help them write their book and we can even help you publish it.

Drawing on years of experience writing and publishing Simon's books, we can offer you three options.


You may already have the book written down either on paper or hard drive and just need it formatting and editing, ready for you to self publish and this is something we can do.


You might want to start from scratch and have Simon sit with you, listen to your tales and ideas and ghost writer the project for you. Remember it is your story so any final 'say-so's' are yours entirely. Simon will treat your project with respect and honesty, creating a version of your work that you will love, but will also be a viable seller. He will hand the final manuscript to you and you can self-publish it from there on in.


Option three is the best of both worlds. Everything in option two is included, but we go that one step further, prepare it for publication and make it available on Amazon and all other possible outlets, in a print on demand paperback and Kindle, plus other digital devices. We also place your book on our site and actively promote it on all our social media channels.

Your book may also be suitable for our new 'view on demand' process. For example, if it is a martial arts instructional volume and you wish to include photos and links to recorded feeds, then we can arrange all this for you.

So don't just keep it all to yourself!

Contact us today to arrange a talk with Simon and see which best suits your needs.

Call me, Julie on 0 (+44) 7484 331772 or email and I'll hook you up with Simon.

Please be aware that due to the time and effort it takes to create a book, we are limited in the number of projects we can take on, so if you are serious about your project we recommend you contact us sooner rather than later.

Call is now, you won’t be disappointed!

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