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With media becoming increasingly popular and important in our world, Simon is making inroads into his own media appearances, films and talks.

We invite you to listen in and watch some of his appearances and if you would like  to host Simon or be involved with his strides to bring his scripts to film or stage, then please make contact with us via



Based on From Bullied to Black Belt.

We have in place a finished script for a feature film based on the award winning true story and book From Bullied to Black Belt, obviously featured extensively throughout this site.

We are offering either a full buy-out purchase or an option with a view to working with us on this project.

We currently have a very well respected USA production & distribution company who wish to co-produce tis project.

We are also looking for a producer to make this incredible true story hit the screens.

A possible tv series will also be considered.

If you would like to discuss this in the strictest of confidence then

please email

If you would like to see the full proposal for Being Bullied, lease click the image to the left.


Simon is currently working on several writing projects that are both gritty and emotional drams set in British towns. One 'It Only Takes a Phone Call' is a short films whilst 'One More Round' could possibly be adapted for stage or screen.

If you are in the media industry and would like to discuss optioning or working with Simon on these projects, please make contact via


One Punch Kill, a short film script.

Some time ago in the last quarter of the year in Northern Ireland, 68 men were killed from single punches to the head in drink-related violence.

When a troubled youth, Jonah rises to the bait of his narcissist father, the results have devastating effects.

One Punch Kill is a lesson to us all of the dangers of toxic masculinity.

Contains graphic scenes.

10-15 minutes long and available to producers now.

It Only Takes a Phone Call

Possible short film.

Steven is a honest, family man who bears the burden of his 'wannabe gangster' father, a supposedly local hardman.

When Steven inadvertently  falls foul of some heavies, he is torn

 between resolving the situation legally and peacefully or by taking his father's option of using violence by bringing in equally bad people, doing so by making the ever threatening 'phone call.'

A classic good versus evil story with far reaching implications for anyone tempted to enter a dark ford of world of criminal retribution.

One Last Round 

Stage play.

Set in a English working man's pub with a cast of just three main players makes it an ideal setting for a stage production.

A fighter with a drink problem, coming toward the end of his career has a dreadful decision to make to bring in the pennies.

Make a low key appearance in the ring for what he knows will be his last fight or use his gift of fighting for the violent delights of local gangsters and do their bidding for them.

Sitting at a table in a grim bar, he pours his heart out to his wife and his best friend, seeking their thoughts on his choice.

One Last Round is a tale of the tough decision facing all men coming to the end of their 'summer.'

Interested in working with these? Contact us now at;

Panic & Positivity

Panic & Positivity is a short talk Simon gave on the stage in the summer of 2023.

In it he talks of how he overcame his own doubts and fears, but also of a personality that is global, yet still struggles. You will be surprised to find out who the star is.

From Bullied to Black Belt

This short film was made in the USA some time ago and sows Simon training with his daughter Luka, and the family being interviewed, talking candidly about some of their experiences. All true stories inspired by the book.

Simon on the BBC.

Simon has spoken many times both local and national radio but he says by far the interview he enjoyed the most was with the BBC's Jason Mohammad about his experiences with both bullies and his writing.

Listen to the interview in full via the image to the side. Hover for sound.


Liquid Bullet Productionz

My latest Podcast was for the guys at Liquid Bullet Productionz and in  particular, top man Lee Mayo.

I think t is fair to say Lee and I hit t off right away and he was great at drawing out my story and producing the podcast/short film in which I talked about dealing with violence from the playground right up to IRA and hardcore gangsters.

What made it more interesting is that Lee had his own incredible tale to tell and  was honoured when he asked me to write it.

Read'A Title for Joe' here

Trust me, you will love what Lee did.

To listen/watch to the Podcast click here

social media logos.

Simon's most recent podcast to date (April 2022) was a big success as he was hosted by Matt Jardine of The Buddhist Millionaire. Simon and Matt chatted for over an our about past experiences and future goals and found they have a lot in common. Naturally the two ave become firm friends with Simon expressing what a pleasure it was to be interviewed by Matt.

Click the photo to the right to listen to the show in full.


Simon recently took part in a Podcast (more planned for the future in which he spoke with Dan Holloway  about his experiences and again pulled no punches. He was honest about his fears, his shortfalls and his alcohol abuse but was also forthright about his well earned strengths, victories and awards.

The Buddhist Podcast.
Podcasts with Simon.

Despite the Fear

This very short doc-film was produced some time ago and is a very honest insight into the fears Simon has faced and overcome, including a particularly bad time when Simon was at loggerheads with a gang of local drug dealers. We will let the film do the talking for itself. Click the image to view.

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