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Get Fighting Fit!

Everyone has their opinions about the type of fitness needed for Combat Sports and honestly, my own is that to a degree, there is no definite right or wrong.

We are all different sizes and shapes, different mindsets and levels of aggression, and approaches to how committed we can be when it comes to Fighting Fit training.


Grapplers tend to need more core strength to control an opponent in holds, whilst a striker (Kickboxer, Karate, Boxer etc) would need a very good aerobic base with a high level of anaerobic training for when an opponent is on the ropes so to speak.


What I think we can all agree on is that the very essence of training needs to be endurance, as what is the point if our muscles give out after just a few minutes.


So the Fitness Pyramid is the bread and butter of our training at Fight Fortress, and with many national champions and respected black belts coming from our academy, I think it does its job.


One thing is for certain, if you are training at a high-level grade or teaching, you must keep up your fitness to the best you can be, otherwise, you are selling your students short.

Of course, there comes a time when age hits us, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the best of what you have to work with.


Fast Way to Fitness is a comprehensive training PDF supported by a visual digital download that will give you some ideas for when you are training alone and want to improve your all-over game.

It is available to buy tonight here

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