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“You terrorise, that is what you do. I have no doubt your little ‘bundle of fun’ will follow in your footsteps. You terrorise, you occupy and so she too will terrorise and occupy. Well, you won't occupy my family’s life anymore.”

And that is when the second blow is delivered, shattering my nose. I do not react as I am not dark anymore, I tell myself. I almost believe it.

Michael O’Connor, I, Bully.

Simon Morrell on ‘I, Bully’.

Some time ago during a radio interview, the subject of suicide was broached, a very sensitive subject. I was asked if I took any pleasure when I heard of a bully taking his own life and the question shocked and saddened me because no, there can never be any pleasure taken from such a final and sad act.

It got me thinking though, surely there is a reason why bullies do what they do. They, like everybody else, don’t emerge from the womb and look for the nearest victim. There is always a backstory. I have known bullies who come from fine families, good people who do right, and I have known victims (hate that word) who come from the same type of background. I have known bullies hold down good jobs, have children of their own, and who hold a certain respect in the community, so why do they thrust torment on others?

‘I, Bully’ won’t hold all the answers, but this piece of fiction (that always has a foot in the fact), looks at the many reasons why Michael O’Connor looked at his family and made the choice. “You are mine.” It won’t be an easy read but it will be an honest one.”

Expect I, Bully in late 2024.

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