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In the stunning sequel to From Bullied to Black Belt Simon Morrell tells of even more adversity he has faced in his life, this time almost ending him. Achieving his lifetime ambition of becoming a Black Belt he thought he had faced all his demons and his life was on track. However he found himself answering for the sins of his father when his dad firstly rips off hardcore gangsters for a large amount of money and then takes thousands of pounds from members of the IRA. Simon is held responsible and finds himself under the threat of kidnap and murder. He survives and manages to redeem his father but at a dreadful cost. As his father himself turns on Simon he finds himself losing everything and turning to hard drink. The hectic lifestyle and violence that come with it almost break Simon. As he lies in a hospital bed his wife fears he will die but Simon makes a life changing choice. He draws upon the warrior inside him to put his life back on track but is he able to do it? An emotional tale of our times, An Everyday Warrior will inspire you to overcome all you have to face.

An Everyday Warrior Simon Morrell

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