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Being Bullied, script review.

Being Bullied, a true story

Received this review for the script of Being Bullied and with a director, co- producer and possible distributor on board, we just need a producer to move us forward.

If that person is you, please contact me at

We have come to far to stop now.

Plot Assessment and Enhancement.

What’s working well:

-The main character Simon goes on a meaningful personal journey from being bullied and struggling with anxiety to finding courage and standing up for himself. His growth as a fighter and development of self-confidence is a compelling characther arc.

-The romance between Simon and Julie is sweet and provides some lighter moments admist the darker themes. The support for each other is heartwarming.

-The portrayal of the toxic relationship between Sion and his father Peter is impactful. Peter’s cruelty and Simon’s struggle to gain his approval add emotional weight.

- The villainous characters like Joseph and the Irish mobsters create a sense of danger and raise the stakes. Their threats drive the plot forward.

-The themes of overcoming bullying, anxiety and an abusive relationship are powerful and relatable for many viewers. Simon is an underdog that the audience can root for.

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