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Your Book Written and Published in 2024


At The Storytellers, we believe everybody has a book in them, but some people need help to get it out there. Let award-winning author Simon Morrell write your story for you, and then our team will publish it in paperback and Kindle, with an audiobook as an option. We can also market the book for you and arrange press releases, podcasts and social media promotions to help you with sales, but be quick! We only have space for two more books for 2024.

Since forming The Storytellers, we have ghostwritten and published the number-one best-seller The Lost Essex Boy by Brian Richardson (Rolfe), Paths by Lee Mayo and Reg by Blaine Phillips.

Already on the slate for this year’s releases are This Hard Life by Chloe Cambridge, Paedophile Punishers by Lee Mayo and This Way Isn’t the Right Way by Simon Morrell, so don’t waste any time joining our stable of authors. Writing and publishing a book can raise your profile and brand, adding income to your stream.

Simon will treat your story with respect and courtesy and remember, you have the final say on anything that is published.

We specialise in true crime, autobiographies, martial arts and true stories, but all genres are considered.

To see our options and to book a call with Simon please go to

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