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So This Is The Day You DecideTo Become A Bully

For quite sometime now, I have been both repulsed and fascinated by what makes bullies tick. What makes a person who terrorises others do what they do.

Do they just wake up in the morning and decide that today is the day they take up bullying as a new pastime? Or is it deeper than that? Are there triggers and situations that drive a person, child or adult, to make another person's life a misery?

I am currently working on a piece that explores just that and it is in the form of a conversation between the bully and the bullied. Whether this will be a short story on the Untold Stories' page, or as a new book, well, I have yet to figure out, but it will be treated with the compassion and respect such a sensitive issue deserves. Please watch out for release details over the next few weeks.

It promises to be interesting.

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