What Is Complete Combatives?

CC is a reality based system that has both mixed and separate classes in;

Krav Maga (Self Protection)

Kickboxing (for fitness and competition)

Boxing (pad work and drills)

Practical Karate (Self Defence, Confidence Building and Discipline)

Grappling & Floor Defences (Olympic Wrestling based Close Quarter Fighting)

Who is suitable?

We accept applications from males and females over the age of 13 to no age limit. Our most senior back belt is 75 with every age group in between!

You do not have to have any experience to join us, just a good attitude, no ego and a willingness to learn.

We also accept applications from experienced Fighters and Martial Artists.

Is it expensive?

CC is based on 42 years of training and real life experience and so it really falls under the category “you get what you pay for.”

We are not amateur instructors charging £2.00 a lesson in a cold church hall.

Simon and his team of instructors have trained/fought at every level and our academy is a professional venue with professional facilities.

We offer a monthly price for unlimited training or a six lesson class pass (used within eight weeks of issue).

There are no joining fees and your first lesson is free. All prices can then be discussed if you decide we are the academy for you.

When are classes?

We currently have classes on a Wednesday & Thursday at 6.30pm with a Friday night Boxing & Wrestling class due to open soon.

In early 2023 we will be putting on Tuesday night class, to be confirmed.

There will be no price increase for these additional classes.

How can I book my free intro?

Simply txt or call Julie on 07484 331572, email or message us on Facebook and she will book you in for a session with Simon.

You will certainly be given a warm welcome!

You can also see a class at our site

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Simon Morrell 7th Dan & Senior Self Protection Instructor (BCA)